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Purchasing Partnership

As an alternative to the Contingent Service we now provide a Partnership Service to offer more options and flexibility for your business! This is a relationship based service where we will work with you to continually reduce your costs, consistently negotiating new deals with additional benefits.

We have negotiated competitive terms with a selection of suppliers across seven common areas of expenditure and continue to seek highly competitive agreements in additional areas.

NJG Purchasing Partnership Benefits:

  • You will retain 100% of all the savings identified
  • There are no initial or subsequent payments to consider
  • You will still have a direct commercial relationship with each supplier
  • The solution will be tailored to meet your specific requirements
  • NJG will provide assistance to implement the savings
  • NJG will provide quarterly reconciliations confirming actual savings achieved
  • As the client base grows, consolidate demand to generate further leverage
  • You have access to a Professional, Qualified resource at NO cost
  • Additional research & benchmarking available as required
  • NJG will work with you to generate additional savings
  • Develop other areas as the relationship develops

There are no minimum requirements to engage our services and you can select which cost areas you want to include.

Let NJG become your Purchasing Partner and start to control and reduce your costs today!

Examples of NJG Purchasing Partnerships


General Office Supplies

  • Guaranteed reductions of 10%
  • No miminum requirements
  • Fixed prices


  • Up to 15% in reductions
  • Full billing analysis available
  • Can include mobile/broadband


  • Full audit of existing insurance
  • Proposal on risk management
  • Anonymous benchmarking