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Contingent Service

Cost Reduction Process

While each assignment is different we adopt the same proven methodology to benchmark a client's costs and develop sustainable and robust cost reduction solutions. Our consultancy services incorporate a number of sequential phases and these are as follows:

  • Identification of the overhead / cost areas to benchmark
  • Data gathering and analysis
  • Determining product & service specifications and service levels
  • Market research
  • Initial tenders and negotiation
  • Development, submission and discussion of the cost savings achieved
  • Implementation
  • On-going reporting of actual savings

Our personnel collect and analyse the data we require to benchmark your costs. The majority of our work takes place within our own offices and the supply chain. This keeps any disruption to a minimum and allows the client to focus on their core activity.

Accurate updates are provided throughout the assignment so that client understands its direction and retains total control of the entire process. Our solutions are sustainable, robust and are developed to mirror current specifications and service levels of the commodity in question. We focus on the fine detail and use our experience and expertise to reduce and remove some of the hidden cost areas.

We continue to provide on-going support once an assignment is complete to ensure that the solutions we develop are introduced smoothly and effectively and that all savings are fully materialised.